A Note from Willow-Buddy “The CEO’s” Birthday

A Note from Willow-Buddy “The CEO’s” Birthday

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Hi friends, it’s me Willow writing my first official letter about one of my responsibilities as “The COO”  I told momma I wanted to be responsible for Buddy’s Wish and Buddy’s Birthday- you see while I didn’t get to spend time on earth with my brother he sent me to momma to help her with her broken heart.  I have to tell you it’s been a big job!!! I’ve learned so much in just a few months, I’ve met so many nice people, while I’m still nervous momma says that’s okay- she will protect me and love me forever and help me to trust that the world is a really good place. Guess what momma I’ll protect and love you too!  My brother sure did know what he was doing. So the best way I know to honor and thank my big brother is to celebrate his birthday!  
June is his birthday month so I gotta get busy!!  

I am asking for your help—I want to donate a whole bunch of toys and treats to rescue pups who are waiting to find their parents you know just like we did at Christmas— it was so fun and I don’t completely understand why but momma was in tears while she was giving all the rescue heroes the bags of goodies from all of you!  The rescue heroes were so excited too!  It was so super fantastic- 

I’m really excited to do this for Buddy!  If you can help me throw the best party giving away treats, toys and more (I have a bunch of cool stuff picked out!  Have you seen those giant buckets of balls that you can buy?) it would be awesome!  If you can’t it’s okay too!  Momma says it’s what’s in our hearts that matters mostest!  So I’m following my heart and giving you lots of love and sooner or later kisses too!  

The COO — Willow 

PS I’m going to deliver everything in June — birthday month