Studio Time / Craft Chat  Thursday Starts at 1:00 pm —This is going to be fun!

Studio Time / Craft Chat Thursday Starts at 1:00 pm —This is going to be fun!

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Have you ever wondered how to organize your supplies?  Have a project that you are “stuck” on, bring it here. Curious about using different glues on different projects?  This is the place and time...

For those of you that are local this is what we used to call studio time!

Join me online, or a limited number in person at the table, for some conversation, education, and absolutely some craft giggles.

How this will work:

Register by paying your fee, and at checkout in the order notes, ask your question that you would like to chat about ot let me know what your project is that you are struggling with and we will coordinate how to “show and tell” so others can inspire you and we come up with a resolution.   Just join in and work on a project you haven’t quite finished and I will try and help you finish up.  I will compile all topics/ projects as the registrations come in.  The fun of this is that everyone will have some creative time with friends, gain the knowledge from all of the topics discussed, finish a project you have wanted to complete, or learn a new technique or how to.  

Things to ask about: 

  • How do you organize your supplies?
  • What is your favorite glue to use with craft paper?
  • How can you undo hot glue?
  • How do you make crepe paper fringe?
  • What are the different weights of crepe paper?

Join in on the fun for up to 2 hours starting at 1:00 pm.....pour yourself a sweet tea or a favorite beverage, it is happy hour after all, and learn something new or just plain have some fun.