Create and Catch UP Every Thursday Starts at 1:00 pm —This is going to be fun!

Create and Catch UP Every Thursday Starts at 1:00 pm —This is going to be fun!

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Have you ever wondered how to organize your supplies?  Have a project that you are “stuck” on, bring it here. Curious about using different glues on different projects?  This is the place and time...

For those of you that are local this is what we used to call studio time!

Join me in person at the table, for some conversation, creation, and absolutely some craft giggles.

How this will work:

Shop in the Studio for one of the "Create and Catch UP" Specific projects.  You will purchase the project in the shop, along with the $10.00 Create and Catch UP fee.  Join me at the table, and I will show you how to create the project you just purchased.  Help with any missing supplies you might to create the sample project in the store.  

Or you can bring UFO (Unfinished Object) and I am happy to help you complete the project.  You just need to register here on the website so I know you are coming, please drop in the notes what it is you are planning on working on so I can be prepared.  

Join in on the fun for up to 2 hours starting at 1:00 pm.....Its a great way to learn how to use all of the fun things you see in the shop and or we could create something NEW.  

Look for the projects in store, or the featured ones online.  

Currently, I do not have an online option for this event.  It is in the "planning" for 2023. 

PS: Please make sure you register online, or if you come in you let me know you would like to "Create and Catch UP"