Lady Chenille Swan from the Create & Catch-Up Collection

Lady Chenille Swan from the Create & Catch-Up Collection

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All of the items needed are in the studio of K.MARIE to create this fabulous box.  It requires the base box, and white bump chenille.  We also have sheets of music paper, or you can incorporate some of the gorgeous handmade papers we have in stock. 

It is also an option to just purchase the graphic/template to cut out, and or the chenille as well.  

If you are local, you can join in on the Create & Catch-Up Studio Time at the "The Table" here at the store.  Purchase this studio time from 1-3 pm on Thursdays only (for now) use the tools and supplies here, as well as receive a tutorial from K.MARIE in putting this gorgeous box together.  If you try to purchase this item to ship we will automatically cancel the order and refund your money.  

You are welcome to walk in or to purchase online.  For those of you out of town, currently this is strictly an in person project.

If you would like to bring a group of friends and all create together on an alternative day please message me, we love to host private events.